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Character Information
Name: Athena Fairchild
Age: 22
Setting: The setting she comes from is essentially identical to the modern-day real world, except that there are fairies (or faeries, if you prefer, or fae or sidhe or whatever synonym you feel like using. None of these are their real name. Their real name is something known to very few people, and saying it is considered by those in the know to be a Very Bad Idea). They don't generally live among humans, preferring to chill in Fairyland where all the cool parties are, and most humans aren't aware that they exist. They do, however, sometimes like to kidnap human children and seduce human adults (as you do!), resulting in a smattering of changelings and half-fairies who usually have at least some degree of magical ability and may or may not be aware of their heritage.

History: Once upon a time in the mystical land of Suburbia, there lived a little girl who had been saddled with the slightly unfortunate name of Athena (Thea, for short). She lived in a lovely little house (well, okay, it looked exactly like every other house in the neighborhood) with her mother (a practical, level-headed nurse), her father (a businessman who dabbled in theatre and fancied himself an artist), and her older half-brother (the product of a previous relationship about which her mother didn't like to talk).

Closet-skeletons aside, they were a pretty happy family. Thea and her brother Harrison bickered from time to time, but they mostly got along well, and he usually allowed her to drag him into her elaborate and involved games of make-believe. Among her peers, she was generally considered a bit of a weird kid — frequently off by herself reading fantasy novels or listening to music, usually knowing little about the things everyone else was interested in. (The name also didn't help.) However, the "weird" designation didn't bother her much; in fact, she seemed to take a certain perverse pride in it. And she did have a few friends, so she wasn't lonely. In all, while her childhood wasn't perfect or idyllic, it was pretty darn normal.

Then one day, when Athena was about nine, her brother decided to let her in on a secret: he could create illusions. Make things look like other things, make people see things that weren't there. Athena thought this was the coolest thing ever — indeed, she was probably more enthusiastic about it than he was — and pestered him to tell her how he'd done it. She proceeded to try very hard to do it herself, with no success. Over time her enthusiasm turned to frustration and resentment. Why had he gotten to have such a neat talent when he didn't even seem to really appreciate it? Why couldn't she do it, even though she wanted to much more than he did? In short, why did he deserve to be the special one?

He'd sworn her to secrecy about the whole thing, but Athena was never much good at keeping secrets, and eventually she let it slip to her mother. Rather than laughing it off, her mother decided it was time to tell the truth about the youthful fling of which Harrison was a product: to wit, that it hadn't been with an ordinary human at all. (She didn't, she said a bit sheepishly, know what exactly Harrison's father had been, but she thought of his people as fairies, since the folklore seemed to fit.) Athena was not terribly happy to learn that she, as the product of two human parents, had no chance of manifesting the powers her brother had. Still, knowing that her mother (as ordinary a human as there ever was) had been able to visit another world gave her a new goal to focus on: she'd get there herself one day.

Her life after that proceeded almost normally again, or at least without much supernatural interruption. Sometimes she almost thought she'd imagined the whole thing, especially given that Harrison seemed to be doing his level best to pretend that it had never happened. He wouldn't talk about it at all, and her mother did so only with great reluctance.

Anyway, long story short: Athena had always loved music, and sometime in middle school she developed a serious interest in becoming a musician; at about the same time, she decided that if she couldn't be all magical and stuff she could at least stand out in the way she dressed and behaved. In high school she learned to sew and began making her own dresses, since the kind of elaborate, Victorianesque dresses she wanted to wear were difficult to find and expensive. (This resulted in several hideous monstrosities, but she got the hang of it eventually.) Despite these new interests, she did not forget about her desire to reach Fairyland (as she thought of it), and read all the relevant folktales and legends that she could get her hands on, as well as seeking out people who claimed to have encountered magic in real life. These efforts gave her little besides a reputation for being a weird New-Agey type (though she found that more a benefit than a drawback).

With all of these other things taking up her time, homework and studying often fell by the wayside. However, she managed to pass all her classes (if not, perhaps, with flying colors) and attended a state university for two years before deciding that all that schoolwork was interfering with her attempts to start a music career and dropping out. For the past two years she has been working fairly terrible minimum-wage jobs while trying to get said career off the ground (with little success) and continuing her fairy-related research (also with little success).

Personality: Athena just wants to be special. Since gaining sparkly magical powers seems to be out of the question, she instead achieves this by cultivating an eccentric, sort of otherworldly public persona. She is the kind of person who probably has a MySpace page written all in lowercase letters which talks about her bio and music in incomprehensibly poetic language. (Okay, not "probably", she totally does.) In person, this mostly manifests itself in her style of dress and formal, slightly archaic-sounding speech. She likes to toss out literary references whenever she gets the chance, and if she has the opportunity to tell a story, it's going to be in an even more elevated and dramatic style than her regular speech. She also makes little secret of her interest and belief in magic, though she keeps quiet about her reasons.

This persona is pretty much always on unless she's around close friends or family. That being said, it's more an exaggeration of her actual personality than it is totally false. She genuinely does enjoy reading (poetry, mostly, but she still has a weakness for fantasy novels) and has a fondness for unusual and/or old-fashioned words and ridiculous dresses. But around people she's comfortable with, she will start talking more like a denizen of the 21st century and being, overall, a little less pretentious.

She isn't comfortable with very many people, though — she tends to keep everyone at arm's length and has few close friends. This is at least partly because she's afraid that once she starts acting like her real self, people will find her unbearably boring and not want to talk to her anymore. That being said, she's not exactly shy or socially inept; she enjoys socializing, and as long as the other party doesn't especially do anything to annoy her she'll be pleasant and polite and talkative. She just tends to keep most relationships at a surface level and has more friendly acquaintances than actual friends.

Athena is, in a lot of ways, fairly immature. She's impulsive, often taking fairly drastic actions without considering the possible consequences (a tendency she's aware of, but has not been able to do much about thus far). Less seriously, she's also disorganized, forgetful, and somewhat easily distracted. She's not stupid — she's fairly book-smart (at least in the areas she's interested in) and picks up on things fast. She's just not very good at acting her age.

Abilities: Zip, zilch, nada. Unless "being a half-decent singer/songwriter" and "sewing froofy dresses" count.


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